Life Is Beautiful

At Bentolingo, we believe that life is beautiful. We believe that understanding a new culture is one of the greatest adventures of our life. Language is simply a medium to understand culture. Bentolingo helps you discover a new culture and learn a new language based on your interests and your pace. Bentolingo is fun and engaging because we help you get started with learning language concepts from the start. Get ready to start your next big adventure. Where will language take you next?

Interest-Driven Learning

At Bentolingo, we believe in a model of learning that revolves around your interests. Follow your heart and let your brain do its job 🙂

Gamified Learning

Earn points by unlocking new challenges and finishing bento boxes. At the end of each bento box, you can also play games to reinforce your vocabulary and concepts.

Travel Rewards

We strongly believe that culture is always the end goal of learning a new language. On Bentolingo, you can redeem your points for a variety of travel rewards.

What Is A Bento?

A bento box consists of bite sized content that helps you pick up language concepts easily. Each bento box consists of five words and five-eight sentences which are centered around a specific grammar concept and practical situation. Along the way, you learn humorous cultural tidbits and grammar patterns which help you learn a concept quickly. See how Bentolingo works here.

For Schools & Businesses

For Schools & Institutions

Bentolingo works with schools, colleges and universities around the world to create custom content to help students learn a new language at their own pace, save money and  create better career opportunities for themselves. Learn more about pricing.

For Businesses

Businesses can develop custom bento boxes for their employees who are responsible for driving sales or manage client expectations in another country. We create custom content for your team – big or small to help them learn a culture quickly. Learn more about pricing.